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Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > FLOWER OF THE MONTH: MORNING GLORY


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Another month down, 4 more months to go until a new year! Growing up I thought that time went by slowly but as the years start ticking by its crazy how fast a year can just come and go. I digress, a start of a new month means another flower of the month post! September is right around the corner and morning glories are this month's flower of the month.


  1. Make sure to plant them somewhere sunny, they require a lot of sun since they're annual perrneials.
  2. Plant the seeds 6" away from each other so they have space to grow
  3. These florals are very low maintaence so water sparingly and only during dry periods.
  4. Support climbers by using trellises, or stakes.
  5. Use mulch to retain moisture and to avoid weeds

we hope this guide has helped you on all of your morning glory needs!
till next time.

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > SANSEVIERIA: VARIETIES EDITION


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Isn't it crazy to think that there can be one species of a certain plant but it comes in so many varieties? today I really wanted to talk about Sansevierias and the many different types that there are, because when you want to order a snake plant you can be well equipped knowing what kind there is and how they look.







We hope you guys enjoyed then post!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > FLOWER OF THE MONTH: POPPY


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Hey guys! Can you believe another month has come and gone?! it's crazy we're already halfway through Summer and it feels like it just started. Now that it's almost August I wanted to talk about the care for the new flower of the month, Poppies!


  • When planting your poppy seeds make sure to have them at least 6 inches apart to prevent over crowding.
  • Make sure to water your poppy seedlings at least once a week and then once it matures you can water it when it's dry.
  • Pinch or cut off wilted flowers so that way new poppies can grow.
we hope this guide helps!
till next time

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > WEDDING DAY


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Hi guys! this weekend was really truly one to remember because not only did we get to attend a beautiful wedding but we also had the pleasure of doing all the florals. We, at Interior and Exterior Environment Designs, want to send huge congratulations again to the lovely couple and thank you for letting us be part of your memorable day!

till next time!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > FLOWER OF THE MONTH: HONEYSUCKLE


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Honeysuckle; is such an amazing smelling flower, if you have ever bought or have been interested in floral scents then you may have noticed Honeysuckle is always one of the key components on the back of the label. Not only does it smell amazing, it's also a great addition to any landscape with its sweet, yellow to bright red blossoms. How do you take care of them? follow this quick guide to take care of your Honeysuckle plant.


  • These plants do prefer the full force of the sun but they can also live with some shade.
  • It can also tolerate different soil types but just make sure the soil is well-draining.
  • Honeysuckles take well to a sturdy fence, post or trellis and will gladly cover even a very large trellis in a short amount of time.
  • Occasional watering is perfect for this plant, it doesn't require so much maintenance.
  • Make sure to prune your Honeysuckle during the fall or winter since it will be dormant.
we hope this guide helps you in all of your flowering endeavors.
till next time!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > SUMMER FLORALS


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Can you believe it's almost summer? yes, dear readers, the sunshine filled season is finally upon us. So bring out your favorite sipper cup and sunscreen it's time to talk about summer florals. I for one, love summer bloomers, I feel like they are brighter, they smell so good and there such a huge range of them. Here are some of our favorite summer florals!





till next time!
Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > GARDEN TO SAVE THE BEES


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Bees have just landed on the endangered animals list and if that doesn't scare you then I don't know what will. What a lot of people don't know is that bees are very vital to our ecosystem and without them well we wouldn't survive. A lot of fruit and vegetables are pollinated by honey bees, such as broccoli and squash, apples, etc. Pollination is not just important for the food we eat directly, it's vital for the foraging crops, such as field beans and clover, used to feed the livestock we depend on for meat. So here are a few plants that you can have in your garden that would be extremely beneficial for bees.





Hope this post helps you with your planting needs and remember if you see a bee just leave it be.

till next time!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > SPRING FLORALS


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Spring flowers are finally blooming and its starting to get really bright and pretty! Don't get me wrong I love flowers that bloom all year round but Spring flowers just have so much color and such a delightful scent. Here are some of my favorite Spring flowers to use at home or even an arrangement!








We hope that this guide helps you with all your floral needs! Also, what are your favorite Spring flowers and did we miss any? let us know in the comments below!

till next time!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > LOW LIGHT AREA PLANTS


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Plants need light to survive, we all know that. However, some plants don't require as much lighting as other plants. There are species of plants that actually thrive in the shade and if put into a well-lit area, the plant itself would burn. These plants are perfect for homes or any area in your home that doesn't have enough light.

Aglaonema Maria aka Chinese Evergreen

Dracena Lisa

Spathiphyllum aka Peace Lily

Sanseveria aka Mother In Law Tounge


These plants are so easy to take care of since they don't require so much water! Water them once a week and make sure that it doesn't get too dry. The only plant on this list that requires the soil to be moist is the Peace Lily.

We hope this post helps you guys in all of your plant needs! if you have any questions or would like a design feel free to reach out to us at http://www.environmental-designs.com.

till next time!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > HIGH-LIGHT AREA PLANTS


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As we all know plants need light in order to survive, but the question is how much light does one plant need? Well, we decided to make this quick guide on high-light area plants. Meaning plants that need about 3-6 hours of sunlight exposure or plants that just do well next to a window.






We hope this guide helps you! Also when a plant needs a lot of light that means it needs a lot more water as well. If you are looking for design please feel free to reach out to us at www.environmental-designs.com.

till next time!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > VALENTINES DAY


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VALENTINE'S IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! It just blows my mind how fast time is going and that February 14th is just a couple of weeks away. Make sure if you're buying any floral delivery arrangements to buy them away ahead of time so that way your order is secured! That's what we at Interior and Exterior Environment Designs, specialize in. To make sure that the order is always on time and that the customer is always happy. Here are a few of the flower arrangements that we are promoting for Valentine's day!

You can also customize your order for your significant one any way you want! If you want to place an order with us please feel free to contact us at www.environmental-designs.com

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > GREEN WALLS: HOW TO REALLY LIVEN THINGS UP


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We all know how beautiful plants are, I mean I literally have like 15 plants at home. But I wanted to show my fellow plant lovers a different way to showcase some greenery in your home.

Moss Walls:

Now I love moss walls because of how easy it is to care for. Mosses are small flowerless plants that typically grow in dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations. The moss that we primarily use is dry so it's not damp at all when we adhere it to any portrait. Another thing about moss is that there are so many different textures and colors of moss, meaning that each moss portrait will be different and unique.

Green Wall:

The green wall is a great way to portray your love for plants and all things colorful. You can do so many different designs with a green wall, and unlike the moss wall, the plants are actually alive so you do have to care for them. We recently did a very contemporary design with pothos, dracaena warneckii lemon lime, and red bromeliad neoregelias.

Succulent Wall:

My ALL TIME FAVE! I love succulents, I love how colorful they can be and how many different types there are. There are some that can drape and create a nice boho vibe and some that are tall to add some height. You can make so many different designs and create a nice ambiance will a succulent wall.

We hope this helped you open your eyes to the many ways you can have greenery in your home. If you're interested in having a green wall, moss wall or succulent wall installed please feel free to contact us at www.environmental-designs.com we can easily provide you with a quote.

till next time!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > CHRISTMAS TREES: PRO VS CON


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Now that Thanksgiving has passed the next big holiday is Christmas. It's a tradition to have a pine tree during the holiday, but a lot of people are sometimes stuck between getting an artificial one or a live one since there are so many benefits to both. So we wanted to make that easier for you by making a quick pro's and cons list.


PROS: pine tree scent, lots of different kinds to choose from, traditional choice, provides jobs for farmers and markets, and it provides fresh air for your home.
CONS: makes a mess by shedding a lot of needles, constant maintenance, transporting the tree is a bit difficult, you have to get rid of it after use.


PROS: can be already pre lit, doesn't make a mess, many selections to choose from, can be easily stored, and you can leave it up as long as you'd like.
CONS: can look phony and or synthetic, you have to make space for it in storage.

Whichever tree you pick be it alive or real just make sure it the best option for you and your home, if you wanted to know more information about christmas or about our pricing since we do offer artificial and real trees, feel free to contact us at www.environmental-designs.com

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > ALL ABOUT POINSETTIAS


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The holidays are upon us and that means that everyone is going to start to see a lot of poinsettias soon! Poinsettias are beautiful red flowers mainly used for christmas decorations and they come in a bunch of different colors too like white, pink, a red and white combo, and marble.


  • Make sure to not put your poinsettia in direct sunlight, it has to be placed in indirect sunlight in order to thrive throughout the holiday season.
  • Don't push your poinsettia up against a wall or window because it can damage the leaves.
  • Make sure your poinsettia is kept moist, but don't let it sit in water because then it would get overwatered and start to die.
  • Lastly, make sure to keep your poinsettias in a cool environment to prolong it's longevity.

Because pointsettias are so popular we always say to make sure to place an order a month before for your holiday plants. If you have any inquiries about poinsettias or want to place an order feel free to reach out to us at www.environmental-designs.com
Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > Fall Flowers for Arragments

Fall Flowers for Arragments

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I have to say fall flower arrangements are by far my favorite kind of arrangements. I love the colors scheme of orange, green, yellow and matching hues and the rustic feel to all the flowers. Today I'm going to write about my favorite flowers that I love to use in fall flower arrangements.

Sunflowers: These are perfect for any autumn arrangement because its a nice bright pop of color and matches well with the fall color scheme. Not only that but they are also at their best at the end of summer and the very beginning of fall.

Wax Flowers: What I love about having wax flowers is that they come in different color variation and that they are a flowering shrub that has multiple blooms per stem; which makes it perfect as filler for your arrangement.

Dahlias: Dahlias are a year round flower and what makes them transitional throughout every season is that they come in many different colors and sizes. Go for a nice orange, dark red, soft pink, or even an ombre color and you'll be good to go for any fall arrangement.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus: I love the soft faded green color and the drape of the eucalyptus, and not only does it give off a pleasant smell but it also acts as a neutral for your fall color scheme.

If your in need of a beautiful fall flower arrangements please feel free to contact us at www.environmental-designs.com

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > LANDSCAPING INSPO


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Landscaping; as we all know can either make or break your home. If you have a nice landscape design the value of your home rises and if your landscape doesn't look so good then it naturally decreases. Not only that but having a nice landscape that's green and lush provides such a nice, warm, ambiance throughout your entire home and it preserves a natural feel. We put together some photos of some really unique, and creative landscape designs in order to inspire your for either your current landscape design or any other future endeavors.

This design is one of our favorites! It also easily breaks up your yard as well, all you have to do is get urn or an overturned pot and create a path using either flowers or rocks.

This is also another creative pathway, we loved the use of wood instead of pavement, rocks or sand to create a path. It creates a very natural/woodsy kind of vibe to the entire yard.

This is such a great idea! usually a patio set is strewn around the yard but this creative look has them in a circle in order to create a bit more of a hangout space. With a fire pit in the middle you can guarantee family and friends will have a great time.

If you have any questions or ideas on creating a beautiful landscape please feel free to reach out to us at www.environmental-designs.com we would love to work with you to help achieve a beautiful space for you an your family.



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Currently California is dealing with an extreme water drought, but that doesn't mean that your house can't have some pretty and creative landscaping. Xeriscaping is a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques (as the use of drought-tolerant plants, mulch, and efficient irrigation)

There are so many benefits when having xeriscaping done to your home. Not only is it pretty to look at but it also increases the value of your home which more than offsets the cost of the installation.

Another added benefit is that it really does help conserve water. Usually for most of North America, over 50% of residential water used is applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape can reduce landscape water use by 50 - 75%. Since water is minimal when you xeriscape that means that the maintenance of it is also really low.

Another thing that is really great about xeriscaping is that its completely pollution free. Fossil fuel consumption from gas mowers is minimized or eliminated with minimal turf areas. Small turf areas can be maintained with a reel mower. Reel mowers are also relatively affordably priced and are gas free so no fumes or gas will be used when maintaining your xeriscaping. We hope that this post is helpful in deciding if xeriscaping is the best option for you and your home. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a quote for your home or business at www.environmental-designs.com

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE PLANTS IN YOUR OFFICE


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As we all know plants are amazing, but why do we need them in an office space? well not only to improve air quality by cleaning the air and improving your health. There are also many other benefits that plants provide to an office space.

Having plants in your office can help reduce stress. In a study done by Helen Russell at Surrey University she noticed the difference between the participants taking a difficult test in a heavy plant room and in a non-plant room. She studied the differences between their skin conductivity, heart rate and blood pressure. The participants in the heavy plant room seemed to have recovered from the stress easier and the skin conductivity showed the greatest difference between the group exposed to office plants and those who took the test plant-free.

Did you know that plants also increase productivity? well its true in another study published in the “Journal of Environmental Horticulture,” researchers from Washington State University reported that live interior plants helped workers complete tasks with more focus and efficiency. The study asked workers to complete a simple task on a computer in a room with plants and compared their performance with workers who completed the same task in the same room without plants. They noticed that productivity increased by 12% in the presence of plants and 10% of the participants also noticed that they felt more attentive after the task than those tested without plants.

Not only do plants do all of these amazing things they also provide a general warmth and comfort to a room. The recommended humidity range for human health and comfort is between 30 and 60 percent, but many offices fall short of these figures, especially in the summer and winter months. In another study done by Washington State University Findings show that when plants were added to a room, the relative humidity rose significantly, but not too much. Humidity without plants averaged 25 percent, and with plants it averaged 30 percent – bringing the room into the ideal comfort range.

We hope this post helps you in your decision about office plants and teaches you about all the benefits of having plants in your office such as air quality improvement, stress reduction, and an increase in productivity. If you want to have a design/walkthrough set up for some plants in your office please feel free to contact us on at http://www.environmental-designs.com

use plants to bring life - Douglas Wilson

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > Beach House Install

Beach House Install

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We recently just did an install at a beautiful beach house and the interior designer was left in awe. We installed several big green plants, a live wall and a beautiful orchid arrangement.

The live wall holds 36 6" plants consisting of Pothos, Dracena warneki lemon lime and red Bromeliad neoregelia. The design was simple but striking because you can see the different colors all meshed together and it makes a beautiful portrait.

This is a Marginata stump, it's very modern and is wide enough to really fill up the space.

This is a Ming Aralia, it does well with a lot of light and not only does it look like parsley it also smells like it. It's a very modern plant and it's really easy to take care of.

This is a Sanseveria black coral, its a common house plant that is really beautiful and easy to take care of as well. If you need a plant designer to come in and give you some idea for plants for your home you can reach us at www.environmental-designs.com

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > Hanging Plants + Live Wall

Hanging Plants + Live Wall

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Last week we did one of most fun projects ever which we're invited by Midici to do a hanging plant installation and a live wall. As you can see the hanging plants were perfect to frame the Midici logo and take up a lot of blank space. The hanging plants themselves were faux so it doesn't require any watering.

Installing the live wall was a lot of fun because we got to play around with a few designs before we settled on one arrangement. What the live wall consists of is Dracena Warneckii, Dracena Warneckii Lemon Lime and finally Pothos to give it an ombre of green effect.

If you need someone to install a live wall or have any more creative ideas then please reach out to us at http://www.environmental-designs.com/

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > Flower of the month: Aster

Flower of the month: Aster

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Asters come in a great variety of colors including red, white, orange and various shades of pink and purple, these are usually used in flower arrangements due to the fact that they come in so many colors. Asters are also known to attract many butterflies so if you love butterflies make sure to add these beauties to your ever growing garden.

How to take care of/grow
  • Make sure to plant your Asters in a full to partial well lit area.
  • The soil needs to be moist but well drained. Asters need a lot of water during the Summer. If you see some flowers falling change up your watering method because that's a sign of stress.
  • Add a thin layer of mulch around the plants every Spring.
  • Make sure to stake your tall plants to encourage growth.
  • Cut flowers back in during Winter after the foliage has died.

I hope this helps with all your Aster needs!
Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > Flower of the Month: Gladiolus

Flower of the Month: Gladiolus

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It's that lovely time of the month again, time for another Flower of the Month post! Gladioli are amazing flowers and are primarily used for arrangements. They usually come in a lot of different colors and grow between 2 to 6 feet.

How to take care of/grow

  • Plant your Gladioli in light soil and cover your soil with mulch. The mulch with provide moisture and keep weeds from growing.
  • Gladioli require a lot of sun so make sure to plant in a bright area and to water them regularly.
  • Remove the dead flowers and faded flowers for continuous growth.

I hope this post help with all your Gladioli needs.
Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > All you need to know about Sansevierias.

All you need to know about Sansevierias.

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Snake plants, mother-in-laws tongue and snakes tongue are some common names for the famous Sansevieria. If you have one then you know that caring for one can be quite easy but make a simple mistake and your plant will die from root rot and stink up your house. Here are some easy guidelines on how to make your Sansevieria grow beautifully.

How to take care of your Sansevieria

  • When you plant your Sansevieria make sure you use a potting medium not garden soil so that way it can retain water better. When your Sansevieria's roots start to show at the bottom of the pot remove it and put it in a bigger container so it can grow.
  • Make sure you place your Sansevieria in a well lit room (by the window preferably)
  • Sansevieria's don't like direct sunlight because it will start wilting.
  • Sansevieria's don't like too much water so only water when the soil is completely dry and water it only along the edges.

I hope this post helps with all your Sansevieria needs!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > Flower of the month: Larkspur

Flower of the month: Larkspur

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Larkspur, also commonly mistaken for Delphinium, is an annul Medetterian plant that's from the buttercup family. Larkspur produces lovely spikes of blue, purple, pink, or white flowers in spring and summer.

How to grow/take care of your Larkspur

  • When planting larkspur seeds, they must have a cold period before germination. Chilling them in the refrigerator works best make sure you chill them for at least 2 weeks.
  • Plant them in moist soil and chill them there for two weeks. Keep in mind that larkspur seeds often will not germinate at temps above 65 Fahrenheit.
  • Larkspur do not like to be moved, so plant seeds into their permanent location.
  • Staking the tall plants is another aspect of larkspur flower care. So make sure you stake them with a wooden stake that can accommodate the potential 6 to 8 foot growth.
  • Make sure you water them especially during times of drought.
  • You can add fertilizer to larkspur to help growth usually every other month.

I hope this post helps with all your larkspur needs!

Interior & Exterior Environment Designs > Flowers of the month: Roses

Flowers of the month: Roses

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Ah june, the month of roses. Roses in june are definitely much sweeter then any other month because the sun is shining and it's almost summer. Wedding season is also upon us and of course roses play a huge part in weddings. These flowers are not only know for their lovely fragrance but also the elegancy and sophistication when used in a bouquet or arrangement. They come in many different colors and even some have an ombre effect just make sure you watch out for their thorns!


  • Diligently water your roses. Soak the entire root zone at least twice a week in dry summer weather. Roses need a lot of water but make sure you don't drown them!
  • Use mulch. To help conserve water, apply a 2- to 4-inch layer of chopped and shredded leaves, or shredded bark around the base of your roses leave a little bit of space between your mulch and the base of the roses.
  • Make sure you use fertilizer once a month between the months of April-July to ensure feeding and healthy growth.
I hope you enjoyed this months flower of the month post!

If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears. - Issac Hayes