Another month down, 4 more months to go until a new year! Growing up I thought that time went by slowly but as the years start ticking by its crazy how fast a year can just come and go. I digress, a start of a new month means another flower of the month post! September is right around the corner and morning glories are this month's flower of the month.


  1. Make sure to plant them somewhere sunny, they require a lot of sun since they're annual perrneials.
  2. Plant the seeds 6" away from each other so they have space to grow
  3. These florals are very low maintaence so water sparingly and only during dry periods.
  4. Support climbers by using trellises, or stakes.
  5. Use mulch to retain moisture and to avoid weeds

we hope this guide has helped you on all of your morning glory needs!
till next time.